Concours International de Clarinette Jacques Lancelot

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Artistic Project

The Jacques Lancelot International Clarinet Competition is the result of wanting to honor the memory of one of the greatest French clarinetists of his generation by creating a competition named after him. Created by Aude Richard-Camus, clarinet professor of the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Regional de Rouen (CRR of Rouen) and artistic director of the Jacques Lancelot International Clarinet Competition, the first competition will be celebrated in March 2012 in Rouen, France.

For a week in March 2012, the city of Rouen will become a place of musical effervescence, unforgettable musical sharing and numerous encounters with outstanding musicians. Two institutions known for their cultural richness : the CRR of Rouen, directed by Claire Paris Messler, and the Théâtre des Arts, directed by Frederic Roels, will become the hosts for the 70 candidates preselected from the first taped audition, the members of the jury and the audience for all the rounds, the concerts and all the musical encounters.

The goal of this event focuses on three levels: international, professional and educational.


The city of Rouen and its Conservatory are emblematic of Jacques Lancelot's life.

Lancelot was born in Rouen and worked as a professor of the CRR of Rouen for 42 years. Nevertheless in spite of his strong local roots, his musical stature and prestige largely surpassed French boundaries. Japan, in particular, is the home country of many professional and amateur clarinetists who are former students of Jacques Lancelot. This is the reason why both countries, Japan and France, have decided to join to organize this competition, which will take place every two years, alternating the country that hosts the competition between France, where the first (2012) will be celebrated, and Japan, who will host the second in 2014. The partnership and collaboration between these two countries to organize this competition is, to us, a unique example and also the signature trait of this competition, which will be characterized by a strong international component, and which welcomes candidates of all nationalities.


An international music competition always sets the spotlight on young talents and the accomplishment of winning a competition is always a great calling card for a young musician as well as being very helpful in gaining recognition, but we want to even further to help the winner of the first prize of the competition by offering him or her a two-year contract for a tour of concerts and recitals throughout France and other countries.

On the week after the final round of the competition, the winner of the first prize will perform as a soloist, accompanied by the Orchestre de l'Opéra de Rouen/Haute Normandie, the Jean Françaix Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra, composed for and dedicated to Jacques Lancelot.  In project : the winner would also be able to participate in concerts during the 2012-2013 season with the Orchestre de Besançon/Franche-Comté, directed by Jean-Francois Verdier. Besides this, many other concerts in France, Japan, United States and Costa Rica are being organized, which means that it is really the beginning of a career as a soloist that is being offered to the winner of the Jacques Lancelot International Clarinet Competition.


The Jacques Lancelot International Clarinet Competition has been conceived as an event of exchange, sharing, emotion and motivation for its participants, but also for the students of the Conservatory of Rouen and for all interested people.

This is why all of the preliminary phases of the competition and even its final will be open to the public. The preliminary phases of the competition, even the semi-final, will take place in the Conservatory of Rouen and will be accessible to the public by buying a ticket valid for the whole week. The final round of the competition will take place in the Théâtre des Arts de Rouen with the participation of the Orchestre de l'Opéra de Rouen/Haute Normandie and will be part of their musical season.

In addition, we wanted to go even further to share the benefits of this event by taking into consideration the special opportunities possible due to the visit ng international soloists who will make up the jury. Their presence in Rouen will provide us the opportunity to enjoy two events : a gala concert and master classes.

The gala concert will take place before the week of the competition at the Conservatory of Rouen and will be an exceptional musical event because it will bring together some of today's best clarinetists. But this is not all; the gala concert will also feature the Orchestra of the Conservatory of Rouen, conducted by Claude Brendel, which will give the students of the Conservatory who comprise this orchestra the remarkable chance to share and play with such renowned artists.

Concerning the master classes, there will be four two-hour sessions at the Conservatory of Rouen during the week of the competition. Such classes will be open to public and the participants will be recruited nationally in France, giving the possibility to every clarinet student in France of becoming an active participant in such a privileged moment of exchange.

The Jacques Lancelot International Clarinet Competition, as the important musical event it will be, will fit perfectly and naturally in the great musical and clarinetistic tradition of our country, where it will become a great musical calling card. In fact, the French clarinet school, of which Jacques Lancelot is an important member, is known and recognized worldwide. Such tradition of excellence is represented, for example, in the great international clarinet competitions won by our compatriots and also manifests itself in the strong interest that students worldwide have in our conservatories. The CRR of Rouen itself, directed by Claire Paris Messler, is also a regular host for clarinet students who come from all over the world, specifically countries such as China, Japan and Costa Rica. The participation of our institutions (the CRR of Rouen and the Théâtre des Arts) by hosting the rounds of this competition is evidence of their enthusiasm for the development of music locally as well as internationally.


Gilles Camus
President of the Jacques Lancelot International Clarinet Competition Association